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How can I be sure Dynamite Data is crawling, or not crawling, my Website?

To ensure Dynamite’s price-scanning robot is crawling your site to increase your traffic and revenue, look for your site’s name on the Supported Merchants page. If your site’s logo does not appear on our Merchant Page, feel free to contact us and request that you be added to our merchant database.

If your site is already in our database, there are some steps you can take to optimize the way Dynamite interacts with your site.

Current U.S. and Canadian law does not prohibit Dynamite Data from mining the prices on any e-commerce Website that offers goods for sale across U.S. state lines. However, Dynamite Data offers several mechanisms you may use to instruct Quarry Miner, our robot, to use as few resources as possible when mining:

robots.txt: The Robot Exclusion Standard is a guideline for well-behaved robots. It gives Webmasters a way to communicate with Web robots by specifically allowing or denying them access to directories based on the useragent string transmitted when the robot connects to the Website. For more information about the Robot Exclusion Standard, please read here.

An extension to the Robot Exclusion Standard, dubbed crawl-delay, allows Websites to instruct Web robots on the delay time between crawls so that web robots do not consume too much server time. Quarry Miner supports this extension. To ask Dynamite Data to crawl the Website on a 10 second delay, just add the following to your robots.txt file:


User-Agent: Dynamite Data
crawl-delay: 10


Crawl-Delay directives higher than 30 seconds are ignored by Quarry Miner. To find out more about the Crawl-Delay extension to robots.txt, please read here.

Dynamite Data, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo support an XML protocol that allows robots to quickly discover new pages as they are published. Adhering to this protocol assures Dynamite Data and other search engines will recognize your product buy pages quickly. For more information about the Sitemap Protocol, please read here.

Well formed Websites, with regular naming conventions: Quarry Miner detects new buy pages based on pattern recognition of the Website layout. QM detects when a Website change has occurred, and will attempt to reindex a Website under such a condition. To minimize recrawling, use W3-compliant designs and buy page layouts that do not change for each product. For more information about W3 compliance, please read here.


Can use I use Dynamite Data information for competitive analysis on my Website?

Dynamite Data Channel Monitor™ and Pipeline API can revolutionize your online business by allowing you to integrate real-time competitive information directly into your Website. You'll be able to access up-to-the-minute competitive intelligence providing in-depth quality control audits to tune your site for more effective search engine utilization leading to increased traffic and sales conversions. Please contact us for more information.


Why doesn't the toolbar work when I'm on a merchant's home page?

Dynamite Data toolbar only displays competitive pricing information for a single product pages. A merchant home page typically has multiple products. To view competitive pricing information, click a product on the merchant home page to visit the product buy page.




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